Obsession, Culture and Conventions

30 Apr

I’ve gotten behind on This American Life podcasts because my train rides have been taken up with Nerdist episodes.  This is foolish and shameful, of course, because any day now I will run into Ira Glass who will surely offer me All The Jobs if only I can competently discuss the latest episode of TAL or at the very least Planet Money.

Anyway, I found an episode about conventions and having recently been to my first sci-fi/nerd/pop culture convention ever, I was very intrigued.  While 2/3 of the episode is not so much about these kinds of conventions (and they managed the whole hour without even mentioning a star trek or sci-fi or comic books) the first act was an interesting examination of pop culture/media obsession.  It follows a man who traveled across the country to a Dark Shadows* convention and the things that happen when such a number of people with such a passion for something strange get together.

This is something that interests me more and more as I become entwined in nerd culture.  Give the episode a listen and let us know how you feel about conventions and other nerd gatherings!


*Now making it’s (ironic?) resurgence.


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